What We Do

Ayni strengthens memory, movements, and alternatives

through our community of visionary learners.



Through research, training, and online tools, we bring fresh strategies for social transformation to our international network of organizers, healers, and builders of alternative institutions. 

In 2014, we incubated the Momentum training which is now a full-fledged training institute! Everyone interested in building or supporting social movements should check them out.

We also offer a slate of trainings to give more breadth & depth to our work as changemakers, including Swarm (on decentralized organizations), the Long View (on identity & social formations before modern slavery & colonialism), and Movement Ecology (on collaboration across different theories of change). 

We are currently focusing on moving all of our training material online, so be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get all the tools & strategies we are releasing each month.