Until we can meet you at the next training, here are some helpful resources that we have found essential in our own learning.


Mastering Movements: An interview with immigrant rights activist Carlos Saavedra, published by Waging Nonviolence

Carlos Saavedra, Keeping the dream alive for undocumented people in the US, published by The Guardian


Popular Movements


We live in a political era defined by crisis, but also great promise. The effects of climate change, economic inequality, and racial injustice threaten our future. Yet in the face of these challenges, there’s a vibrant, visible resurgence of popular movements, of communities rising up against entrenched economic and political power.

Will this grassroots activism generate the long-term support and infrastructure necessary to sustain lasting change? Are these 21st-century social movements as impactful as their predecessors of the ’50s and ’60s? How are successful movements structured, and how can donors catalyze their growth? On February 26, From Prom Protest to Power convened the Ford Foundation and the Solidaire donor community, along with activists, funders, and movement insiders, explored these questions through a series of lively and participatory presentations. Here is the segment presented by Carlos Saavedra.

From Protest to Power- Why movements matter and how they work, by Carlos Saavedra



Visit our Ayni Institute YouTube channel to watch some preliminary webinars we have made about the Momentum Training content. They are designed to be viewed in order. Here are the links:


Winning the Fight for Public Opinion: Written by Carlos Saavedra with support from Kate Werning; published in The Nation in June 2014.

Articles by Paul and Mark Engler: We are big fans of articles by these two, many of which are written from the lens of the Momentum theory of organizing.

SWARM (Decentralized Organization)

Training Videos

Swarm harvests lessons from a diverse range of contexts and disciplines, including biology, complex systems, network theory, and open-source software. The training teaches how to structure a social movement so that it maximizes the autonomy and creativity of its members while preparing for the challenges that come with decentralized leadership. We work with participants to identify who to pull into their movements, how to create self-replicating team structures, and how to frontload principles to guide the culture and action of the movement.

The training video covers: 

* Introduction to theories of decentralized organization 
* Creating your own decentralized structure
* Dynamics of self-organizing
* Anticipating challenges & creating principles to guide the "swarm"
* Roles and functions in a decentralized organization 

Visit our Ayni Institute YouTube channel to watch the full SWARM Training Series. They are designed to be viewed in order. Here are the links:

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