Los Misterios de los Andes


The Mysteries of the Andes seeks to accomplish something that hasn't been done before, to document the stories of andean and amazonian communities from a holistic perspective.

This documentary series will create a collection of nine memorable films with the following titles:


  • INKARRI. The Persistent memory of the Q’eros tradition
  • YUYAYPAQ  APU Q’ESWACHAKA Transcendency of the ancient Inca installations
  • ÑAWINCHASQA The modern Qhapaq Qocha
  • HU’TU PAQARIQ Culture and religion in the andean plateu
  • VARAYOC The popular and traditional baton in Peru
  • OTHER VOICES of the eastern andes, the world of the rainforest chaman
  • TUPAY CHIARAJE ritual battles between andean communities
  • APU WANAKAURI origin of the Inca in Cuzco and Tawantinsuyo
  • MACCHU PICCHU ¿Inca citadel intended to control the oriental jungle?


Why the series?

In later times of human suffering whether economic, political, social, or ethnic.  As a consequence of that a series of interpretations have arisen that try to explain the cause of the biological transformation of the quality of life of the majority populations of the earth, as a current of human recuperation have come ecological movements the ethnic fights the indigenous movements, and on the other hand, the reaffirmation of economic power of the industrialized nations that impose their conditions based on military and economic force they possess, provoking inequality in the understanding of the mission of man and nature.  

While in the west, it is considered forman and nature to be like a machine or as a body of resources that should serve to satisfy desires and needs, in the originating cultures, like, the Andean considers the world like a living entity where everything depends on everything and consequently everything is important.

We are driven by the hope that the creative experience of of the Amazonian indigenous Andean world comes together in a change of greater and and universal consciousness, as well as the reconnection of the human being with its own history in relation to the Universe and Earth. We believe in transformation through culture, experience, film and art based on respect for diversity and the mutual understanding.

The objectives are to publicize the life, history, cosmovision and customs of the upper Andean and Amazonian villages through the story and cinematographic language in each chapter, representing each village, carrier of the ancestral culture where you can discover and understand different forms of life and its manifestations in different contexts.   

Meeting of the values and realities, from the upper Andean and Amazonian cultural artifacts, such as language its values and forms of articulating a social coexistence and how these forms of life and their worldviews contribute in the so-called modern societies.  

We believe in communication and cinematography as nonviolent means for transformation and the creation of consciousness about indigenous cultures of the Andes and the Amazon. Listening to the indigenous cultures and their philosophy about respect for the land is vital for the recovery of environmental balance in the contemporary world. Andes Imagen serves as a mechanism of for the recovery of tradition and ancestral wisdom of bridge between different cultures, between villages, and generations.

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All people that donate will be included in the credits of the series with your name and title of collaboration.


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