Long View

We believe that a long view of history affirms a deeper identity for us as humans, as animals, as instances of life within a larger ecosystem.

The challenges we are confronting in the world today -- oppression, exploitation, and the accumulation of resources in the hands of a few -- are not unique to the last 50 or 500 years. These problems make appearances much earlier in human history.

The long view is about looking back thousands of years to begin restoring our memory of the past and planning for the future. It is about delving into our evolutionary history to draw a fuller picture of who we are as human beings; looking at how we've altered our environment in that time and evolved in our relationship to animals, plants, things; enriching our understanding of what happened in different civilizations, from Ancient Egypt to Mesoamerica, and how those events continue to make themselves felt today; and lifting up Third World struggles of resistance.