Click here to download our invoice form.

Invoices are paid monthly. To be sure that you are paid on time, please fill out and email this form to Freddy at and cc Carlos (carlos@ayni.insitute) by the last day of the month.


* Please enter your contact information in the upper-left corner of the invoice.

* Below that, enter the INVOICE NUMBER (1 if this is the 1st time you are submitting an invoice, 2 if it's the 2nd, etc.) and the DATE that you are submitting it.

* Please enter the name of the PROJECT you worked on (Ayni Institute generally, or specific trainings such as Swarm, Long View, etc.)

* If you did stipended work with Ayni (as a trainer, coordinator, etc.) please describe the work in the SERVICE PROVIDED column (training, coordination, etc.) and then write the amount of the STIPEND you are owed. (Disregard the "hours" column.)

* If you did hourly work with Ayni, please define the pay period in the left column under DATE, describe the SERVICE PROVIDED, your HOURLY RATE, and the number of HOURS worked during the pay period. 

* Tally the total owed. 





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