Boston Momentum October 2016



The training will be held in Boston, from October 14–16, at a location TBA. We will be reviewing and accepting applications on a rolling basis and the application will close on September 10th. We are hoping to have 75 participants at this training. Momentum has a commitment to justice and dismantling systemic injustice. To that end, we hold a base-line training cohort standard of at least 50% POC and 50% women. In addition, our training fee is structured to ensure that the training is accessible to all people, regardless of financial resources, and that there is an equitable distribution of cost. We are expecting that everyone who attends Momentum trainings will be present from the start until the end of each day, and will participate in all scheduled sessions. 

If you are interested in attending, apply here!

If you have already attended a momentum training in the past and are interested in becoming a facilitator, please fill out the “facilitator” section of the application, and please contact Maria Fernando Cabello (Lead Trainer) at If you have any questions, please contact Seth Woody at 210-313-0125 or



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